• Establishing relevance through keyword research on Google. You want searches to bring up results that drive traffic to your business. In a restaurant’s case, the keyword "eat near me" helps people decide where they should eat.

  • As far as most fans are concerned, you fall into the new music bracket. Although you may have worked on music for more than a decade.

    The thing about music consumption is that you can not bank on getting popular via the means of fans searching for a “new creator”. Being recommended by an algorithm is a preferred route to success. While fans may indeed search, it may not be to their taste. If you happen to put out content every Friday, you'll probably get new listeners every Friday.

    Many artists know it is not the way their creative process works. It offends some artists, others not so much. With your business hat on - You know building an audience is a plan for the business you will launch on the back of your music career.

    Local SEO is a great way to leverage your business amongst neighbours. You are not focused only on developing an online presence but increasing how many customers closer to your area, eventually buy something from you.

    Ways of bringing business your way include:
  • PR campaigns (hiring a PR agency)
  • Social media campaigns (hiring influencers)
  • Consistently being charming, funny or interesting on social media

  • We embrace both the first and second options as part of our approach. However, it is vital to carefully consider the costs and potential consequences associated with option number 1. To ensure a successful outcome, we allocate a few weeks to meticulously plan and assess the associated expenses, while also identifying and collaborating with the most suitable agency or publicist. For option number 2, we employ a playlist of songs to execute your strategy.

    You provide a folder and we will share a unique link. A web page designed for search engines JSON-LD BLOB if you prefer. Then we secure you with a PASSKEY that allows you access to our network. Our offering is to focus on a few things; Raise funds, pitch platforms, targeting for-a-reply on your artist page.

    SEO is a results-oriented process and we prefer to receive a percentage of how much sales we bring to your business. We know it's the best way to demonstrate the value we provide to Music Artists.

  • Keyword Research -> Keyword Assessment (Using major tools)
  • Site’s content, Meta tags (Optimization)
  • Relevant Inbound (From high authority & credible sites)
  • SERP issues or opportunities
  • Explore Geolocation Opportunities

  • Use specific tools to meet your goals in a given time frame.

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